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Savoring Fusion Cuisine at Tsaghkunk Glkhatun: Our Top Picks from the Menu

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Tsaghkunk Glkhatun is a restaurant located in the eastern Armenian village of Tsaghkunk, where an abandoned canteen for Soviet workers has been transformed into a dining room for modern Armenian gastronomy. The owner, Hrachya Aghajanyan, lovingly restored the building and preserved two ancient tandoor ovens used for making lavash bread, grilling meats, and more. Despite the presence of these tonirs, the restaurant's focus is still on traditional fire cooking.

The menu, which was partially developed by Mads Refslund, co-founder of Noma, showcases Armenia's diverse and unique produce, including herbs like aveluk, wild chamomile, and grain staples like bulgur and lentils. Guests can enjoy fish sourced from nearby Lake Sevan and meat grilling in a bright, open space framed by 200-year-old wood beams and high ceilings.

The restaurant is an hour's drive north of Yerevan and makes for a great lunch or dinner stop when combined with a day of lounging on one of Lake Sevan's beaches or hitting the slopes at Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort.

During our recent visit to Tsaghkunk Glkhatun, we had the pleasure of sampling some of the restaurant's most popular dishes. One standout was the "Ponchik with tan," which fuses the flavors of Japanese Okinawa doughnuts with Armenian spas to create a unique and delicious dish.

We also enjoyed the delicately flavored "Smoked beef rib fingers," as well as the fresh fish and refreshing salad with aveluk.

For a heartier option, the mushroom risotto was a comforting and satisfying choice.

And for dessert, we indulged in the Armenian gata with pears, a perfect end to the meal.

Each dish demonstrated Tsaghkunk's commitment to merging traditional Armenian recipes with new techniques and fusion cuisine. We highly recommend a visit to experience the flavors and ambiance of this charming restaurant.

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