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Welcome to Armen Tour, where excellence in travel has been our legacy for over three decades. Since our establishment in 1992 by Armen Gyozalyan and Anahit Gyozalyan, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional services to our clients. From humble beginnings organizing shopping tours to Syria and Iran, we have grown into a renowned family-run tour agency. With a focus on outbound and inbound tourism, international flight ticket sales, and comprehensive travel services, we have continuously adapted and thrived. 


In 1992, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, constructor Armen Gyozalyan and his wife, architect Anahit Gyozalyan, took a leap of faith and left their jobs to venture into the world of tourism. They set their sights on organizing shopping tours to Syria and Iran, establishing the "Armen" office first in Ani Plaza hotel and later in Erebuni Hotel. Despite facing challenging times of limited resources, no gas, electricity, and the backdrop of war, their unwavering positivity and optimism about tourism and Armenia shone through. 


In 2001, "Armen Tour," LLC expanded its services to include inbound tourism, a venture established by Lusine Ghahramanyan. The company began engaging with all hotels in Armenia, offering the best prices, and took charge of arranging expert guides, top-notch restaurants, and seamless transportation for its clients.

Simultaneously, the company relocated to a larger office at 24 Mashtots Ave, Yerevan, further enhancing its capacity to serve clients with an expanded array of services and an increased number of dedicated staff members.



Due to the lack of quality transportation in the region, "Armen Tour," LLC made a strategic decision to purchase its own buses, ensuring the provision of exceptional services to its clients. However, in 2010, "Armen Tour" took the opportunity to sell the buses to a new emerging bus company, which later grew to become one of the biggest transportation companies in Armenia. Since then, "Armen Tour" has maintained a fruitful partnership with the renowned "Bus Voyage" transportation company, continuing to offer top-tier transportation solutions to its valued customers.

Moreover, "Armen Tour," LLC achieved a significant milestone by becoming an IATA appointed agency, with the IATA number N60-320116. 



Since 2022, despite the global instability, "Armen Tour" has taken bold steps forward by participating in renowned international exhibitions such as WTM (World Travel Market) and ITB (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin). Embracing new opportunities and connections, they continue to showcase their commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences to clients worldwide. Through their active presence in these prestigious events, "Armen Tour" reaffirms its position as a dedicated and innovative tour agency, always ready to explore new horizons in the world of travel.



In 1997, "Armen Tour," LLC was established, and a new office was opened in the heart of Yerevan on Pushkin street. The company welcomed professionals from the fields of tourism and ticketing, marking the beginning of outbound tourism and international flight ticket sales.

Being a family-run business from the start, "Armen Tour" saw the involvement of the daughter and son-in-law, Lusine and Artak Ghahramanyans, who joined the company in 1997, bringing their passion and expertise to further enhance the company's services.


In 2001, "Armen Tour" made its debut at the prestigious WTM London International travel show, marking the beginning of their international presence. This milestone was just the start of their journey, as they have since participated in numerous other esteemed international travel exhibitions, solidifying their reputation as a global tour agency. 



In 2020, the entire travel industry faced the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, causing widespread cancellations, uncertainty, and the collapse of many long-standing plans. Despite these unprecedented challenges, "Armen Tour" showed remarkable resilience and dedication. They made a conscious effort to retain the majority of their staff, ensuring continued support for their valued team members. Furthermore, "Armen Tour" maintained close and compassionate communication with their clients, offering understanding and flexibility during these uncertain times. Through their unwavering commitment and adaptability, "Armen Tour" not only weathered the storm but also emerged as a steadfast and enduring travel partner.


to be continued...

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