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Armenia Receives an Award at PATWA International Travel Awards 2024

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This year at ITB Berlin, Armenia received the title of the "Best Historical and Cultural Tourism Destination" at the esteemed Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA) International Travel Awards 2024. The event, hosted at one of the largest travel fair, recognized Armenia's rich tapestry of history and culture, making it a standout destination on the global tourism map.

Against the backdrop of the PATWA World Tourism & Aviation Leaders Summit on 'Tourism & Climate Change,' the significance of responsible tourism and environmental awareness echoed throughout the event. Yatan Ahluwalia, the Secretary General of PATWA, emphasized the industry's collective responsibility to address climate change. The launch of the hashtag #icanstopclimatechange marked a call to action, urging individuals and entities to share stories and initiatives for a sustainable future.

Armenia's recognition as the "Destination of the Year – History" underscores its commitment to preserving and promoting its cultural heritage. The PATWA International Travel Awards, now in their 24th year, honor excellence in the travel, tourism, aviation, and hospitality sectors. Armenia's win reflects its outstanding contributions to tourism promotion, acknowledging the efforts of governments, organizations, brands, ministers, and individuals.

Image credits Tourism Committee of RA

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