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Ski Tour

Day1 – Depart from the country of origin

Day2 – Arrival to international airport Zvartnots. Meet your guide.Transfer to hotel

Yerevan: Yerevan once sat at the crossroads of several important trade caravans thus solidifying its importance in the region. Modern Yerevan was redesigned in the early part of the 20th century on top of the old city, creating a series of parks and squares that run through the city centre. The visit will start with the visit to the Matenadaran museum, which houses a unique collection of ancient manuscripts covering such lofty topics as philosophy, law, mathematics ,medicine and geography.
Genocide Memorial and Museum.
Visit north of the town for the Victory Park famous for the statue ” Mother Armenia”
Panoramic view of Yerevan city with fantastic view towards Biblical mount Ararat
Your tour in Yerevan city includes:
– The Cascade, several sections with flowers, water fountains and modern sculptures garden
– the Opera and area around with statue of world famous composer Aram Khachatourian
– the Republic Square with a huge water fountain and several important administrative buildings.

Overnight in Yerevan

Day3 – Yerevan-Aragyough-Mount Ara-Yerevan

Mount Ara 2577m. is located not far from Yerevan. Climb starting from village Aragyugh. Its including forest part with perfect view to nearest mountain ranges, Aragats mount, Ararat mount and ect.
Climbing up 7km/ 14km
Altitude change 1700-2577m

Overnight in Yerevan

Day4 – Yerevan-Mount Hatis-Kaputan-Garni

Mount Hatis 2528m . is located not far from Yerevan, west of Geghama long chains of mountains 57km . The view from the top is beautiful on the Ararat valley and surrounding mountains. A rise of 6 km, 1300m climb down to Kaputan village. The night will be held in Garni.
Climbing up 6km /12 km.
Altitude change 1750-2528m

Overnight in Garni.

Day5 – Cultural Tour Temple Garni-Monastery geghard-Areni-Noravank-Sissian

Garni Temple, site of Roman Temple of the Sun built in the 1st century. Soon after Armenia adopted Christianity, the temple became the summer residence of Armenian royalty. Next stop is Geghard –cave Monastery, the name ,,geghard,, derives from the relics of the Armenian Apostolic church: the spear that one of the Roman guards had used to pierce the rib of crucified Christ.
After proceed to Vayots Dzor and visit Monastery of Noravank-one of the most splendid monuments of medieval Armenia, built in a location of significant natural beauty.

Overnight in Sissian.

Day6 – Sissian – Ishkhanasar –Sissian

Skiing on mount Ishkhanasar 3550m.
Mount Ishkhanasar located 15m driving from Sisian city. Climbing starting from 1700m. Transfer to Vayots dzor village.
Climbing up 11 km /22km
Altitude change 1800-3550m

Overnight in Sissian.


Day7 – Sissian – Ughatsar  – Yeghegnadzor /Hermon

Climbing mount Ukhtasar. Its located west side of mount Ishkhanasar. Climbing starting from 1900-2000m and going to nearest top 3250m.
Climbing up 12 km.
Altitude change 1900-3250m

Overnight in Yeghegnadzor

Day8 – Yeghegnadzor /Hermon-Goghtanik – mountains Vardenis – Hermon

Climbing to Vartenis mountain range from village Goghtanik
Climbing up – 6 km/13 km
Altitude change: 1800 – 2500m – 1600 m

Overnight in Hermon

Day9 – Hermon – Sevssar – Aghveran

Climbing to mount Sevsar on Vardenis mountain range 3200m.
Climbing up – 8 km/16 km
Altitude change: 2400m – 3200 m

Overnight in Aghveran

Day10 – Aghveran – Mount Teghenis (Mountain chain  Tsakhkunyats) –Monastery Teghenyants  – Bujakan

Climbing to mount Teghenis 2851m on Tsakhkunyants mountain range. On the way passing Teghenyants monastery from 13 century. Skiing to the Bujrakan village.
Climbing up – 6 km/14 km
Altitude change: 1900m – 2851 m

Overnight in Yerevan

Day11 – Departure transfer to the airport.