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Camping/Trekking program

Day1 – Departure from the country of origin

Day2 – Arrive to Yerevan,transfer to hotel

Yerevan city tour –Matenadaran, Tsitsernakaberd
Yerevan: Yerevan once sat at the crossroads of several important trade caravans thus solidifying its importance in the region. Modern Yerevan was redesigned in the early part of the 20th century on top of the old city, creating a series of parks and squares that run through the city centre. The visit will start with the visit to the Matenadaran museum, which houses a unique collection of ancient manuscripts covering such lofty topics as philosophy, law, mathematics ,medicine and geography. Genocide Memorial and Museum.

Overnight in Yerevan

Day3 – The mountain peaks of Gegahma-Sevaberd-Lake Akna

The hike will start from village Sevaberd towards the mountain range Geghama , another 12Km will bring us to Lake Akna area,where overnight camping will be arranged. 4 X4 drive car is avaialble to carry all the Equipments and tents for camping.

Overnight in tents
Overnight camp near Lake Akna
Trekking distance – 12 km
Altitude difference :
Sevaberd – 2100 m
Lake Akna – 3030 m

Day4 – Lake Akna-Ajdahak-Paytasar

8 Km treking in the morning will bring us to Ajdahak(3597m), the highest peak of mountain range Geghama.Ajdahak is famous for the small crystal lake and crater.The next stop is at the peak of Paytasar , where camping supposed to be organized. If the weather permits one hour additional hiking up to the peak of Tar, famous for its crater with lake.

Overnight in tents

Trekking distance – 11 km
Altitude difference :
Lake Akna – 3030 m
Ajdahak – 3597 m
Camping -3100m

Day5 – Ajdahak – Lake  Vanki

Hiking for today starts from mount Ajdahak to the Lake Vanki or Vishapi.We will see
petroglyphs dating back to 7000-8000 years ,which are scattered in the mountains of Geghama . Lake Vanki is famous for it’s Vishapakars 6000-7000 years old Dragon Stones ,which were closely connected to the worship of water.Fantastic view of Azat river in the bottom of canyon opens from the valley of the Geghard .Camping is in the valley of Geghard.

Overnight in tents

Trekking distance – 15 km
Altitude difference :
Camping in Ajdahak -3100m
Geghard valley – 2200 m

Day6 – Geghard Valley-Monastery Havuts Tar-–Temple Garni-Monastery Geghard

After the visit to Havuts Tar monastery, passing through Khosrov National Reserve, walk down to the canyon of river Azat to view basalt rock formations called Stone Symphony. Time to visit the Upper Azat Valley for Garni , a pagan temple, which is the only survived monument of the Hellenistic period in Armenia. Geghard monastery(13c) contains a number of churches and tombs, most of them cut into the rock that illustrate the zenith of Armenian medieval architecture. The complex of medieval buildings is set into a landscape of great natural beauty, surrounded by towering cliffs at the entrance to the Azat Valley. Drive back to Yerevan

Overnight in Yerevan.

Trekking distance – 10 km
Altitude difference :
Geghard valley – 2200 m
Canyon of Azat – 1200 m
Garni village – 1350 m

Day7 – Yerevan- Sevan Monastery – Bjni

Our next stop is at Lake Sevan famous for its emerald water and delicious fish. This mountainous lake covers approximately 5% of Armenia’s surface area and is 2000 meters/2187 yards above sea level.After the visit of Sevan monastery (9c), the group returns to camp in the village of Bjni, near the river Hrazdan. In the evening the group can explore the village of Bjni -medieval fortress (11-13cc), Holy Virgin Church (11c) and church of St. Sargis(7).
Camping in village Bjni.

Day8 – Bjni – Khor Virap – Tatevavank – Goris

We take an excursion to Khor Virap Monastery, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Armenia. Its location, near the closest point to Mount Ararat within Armenia, offers a spectacular view of the mountain, the national symbol of Armenia. It is also significant as being the place of Gregory the Illuminator’s 13 years imprisonment, after which Gregory made Armenia the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion in the year 301.
Visit to Tatev monastery, one of the largest and the most famous monasteries in Armenia.
You can admire the Vorotan gorge passing by ropeway which is the world’s longest in the world (5750m).
Overnight in hotel in Goris.

Day9 – Mount  Khoustoup (3201 m) – 1st stage : Goris – Kapan – Baghabourdj

Village Baghabourdj is located not far from the city Kapan.Trekking from the village of Baghabourj to the campsite. The campsite will be arranged at the altitude of 2100-2300m,the location will be chosen due to weather conditions.

Overnight in tents

Trekking distance – 8 km
Altitude difference :
Village Baghabourdj – 1100 m
The camp – 2100/2300 m

Day10 – Mount  Khoustoup (3201 m) – 2nd stage : Climbing mount  Khoustoup

From the peak of the mount Khoustoup (3201m) the participants will finish their trekking, admiring the panoramic view of the gorges and forests.

Overnight in tents

Trekking distance– 15 km
Altitude difference :
The camp – 2100/2300 m
The peak – 3201 m

Day11 – Khoustoup – Sissian

After the breakfast transfer to Sissian.

Overnight in hotel in Sissian.

Day12 – Sissian – Karahundj – Noravank – Yerevan

Visit to Zorats karer named also Karahunge, Armenian Stonehenge-the age of which has been estimated to be 7,500 years or perhaps older (sixth millennium BC). The monastery of Noravank is one of the most splendid monuments of medieval Armenia. It is 122 km away from Yerevan. Noravank is built in as inaccessible location amongst stunning nature.Drive back to Yerevan.

Overnight in Yerevan

Day13 – Yerevan – Lake  Kari – the  Southern peak of mount  Aragats

Drive from Yerevan to Aragats. From Lake Kari (3207 m) hiking to the southern peak (3879 m) of mount Aragats.
Return to Yerevan.

Overnight in Yerevan

Trekking distance– 14 km
Altitude difference :
Lake Kari – 3207 m
The peak of mount Aragats – 3879 m

Day14 – Free day in Yerevan


Day15 – Transfer to the airport